Enabling truly omnichannel customer experiences

BookingBug for telecommunications

Customer Appointment and Event Scheduling

BookingBug for Telecoms

The omnichannel challenge for telcos

You are putting more technology and more information in your customer's hands than ever before. They have the power to research, compare, choose and review products and services in seconds. As such telecommunications services providers — as with all large B2C organizations — must find new, creative ways to differentiate, build loyalty and provide exceptional digital and in-person customer experiences.

BookingBug partners with telecommunications providers like you to innovate in this connected environment, enabling them to seamlessly bring together their online and offline worlds.

Customer experience as a differentiator

As large B2C brands seek new strategies to thrive in an omnichannel world, they are increasingly turning to their physical spaces as a key differentiator. In these fiercely competitive times where mobile network operators cannot compete on price alone, exceptional customer experiences and value-added services have emerged as the next battleground.

The BookingBug platform enables telecommunications providers to bring their in-branch services and events into their digital and omnichannel strategies.

Bridging the digital + physical worlds

Unnecessary and unmanaged queuing is one of the biggest causes of poor customer satisfaction within the physical retail environment. Why not empower each of your customers to manage their interactions with you in a way that suits them?

BookingBug combines the scheduling of pre-booked appointments with the management of walk-in customers. Our virtual queuing platform and retail concierge app enable you to manage all types of customer interactions, setting expectations for wait times and aligning customer needs with staff skill sets.

Enabling Connected Customer Engagement

As your omnichannel customer engagement solution partner, we offer a host of specialist tools and features that can be fully customized to meet your specific business requirements. The BookingBug enterprise platform includes:

 Multichannel customer bookings

Multichannel customer bookings

 Flexible management dashboards

Flexible management dashboards

 Customised booking journeys

Customized booking journeys

 Events + ticketing module

Events and ticketing module

 Retail concierge + queuing platform

Queuing platform and concierge app

 SMS + email confirmations and reminders

Confirmations, reminders, follow-ups

 Appointment outcome analysis

Appointment outcome analysis

 Customer feedback module

Customer feedback module

 Data analysis + reporting

Data analysis and reporting

 Mobile app integration

Mobile app integration

 CRM integration

CRM integration

 ISO27001 accredited

ISO27001 security accreditation

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