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BookingBug Studio.

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Studio enables organizations to orchestrate powerful human-to-human experiences that increase revenue, loyalty & lifetime value.







Optimized for tablet use, Studio's new UI and Navigation delivers a remarkably modern and simplified experience



Our latest release focuses on making our platform experience more intuitive, robust, scalable and powerful. The release encompasses a host of new features and enhancements including:


  • Faster user experience optimized for tablet
  • New platform navigation
  • New multi-location appointments
  • Rapid company wide Omni-Search
  • Overhauled calendar and booking management
  • New check-in experience
  • Overhauled Staff, Services and Customer Profiles
  • New Call Center Module
  • New advanced insight and analytics



Sign up for a demo of Studio and you’ll learn how to:


  • Connect consumers easily with your in-house experts and value-added events for deeply personalized human-to-human experiences
  • Orchestrates every moment across the physical-digital journey, with unified workflows that eliminate silos across lines of business, channels, and services
  • Build a true 360-degree customer view enabling continuous measurement and optimization, with dashboards and reporting that accurately track revenue and business outcomes
  • Continuously optimizes physical and human resources, enabling superior quality of experience at the lowest cost


“The implementation of Studio has been a game changer in the way the company is managing and reporting in-store appointments and events. Not only has it made the overall process a lot easier and more flexible for our store staff and marketing departments, but it has also given our customers a best-in-class experience!”

- Ben Benichou, E-commerce Project Manager, JoJo Maman Bebe