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Built for enterprise clients, our customer journey management platform provides a robust, scalable and modern user experience that integrates easily with all customer-facing applications and infrastructure, creating and connecting human-to-human interactions with existing digital systems of record.








We work with global leading names offering powerful scheduling experiences that create profitable customer relationships. Together, we’re using big data to drive smarter decision making that reduces admin by 50%, generates a threefold lift in spend and creates a 95% conversion rate.



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BookingBug brings a range of retail banking engagement solutions to help personalize the relationship. Whether it’s a first time mortgage appointment or a life long customer planning their retirement, our efficient scheduling solutions handle the unique requirements of the finance industry.





Our citizen scheduling platform helps government departments simplify their complicated, high-volume engagement requirements. Provisioning digital processes to scheduling improves citizen experience and creates enormous staffing and process efficiencies. Powerful reporting enables management to maximize staff and resource utilization.



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Retail, Banking and Government are BookingBug’s core industries, but they are not the only ones where our platform is used. We have excellent use cases in telecoms, healthcare, education, manufacturing, charities, media and software. We deploy solutions for organizations with traditional customer bases and high volume internal audiences. Get in touch to arrange a demo and we can discuss your requirements.



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BookingBug’s Enterprise Time-as-a-Service Platform™ helps the world's leading banks, retailers, and government institutions improve their customer experiences, reduce admin time and drive revenue. 

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