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Seamless Appointment Software Integration Between
Salesforce and BookingBug



Built for Salesforce

We are experts in Salesforce and our new Salesforce Integration is a complete game changer. We’ve rebuilt our existing integration capabilities from the ground up on our new Enterprise Integration Layer. This next-gen integration is built with simplicity, scalability and flexibility in mind, perfect for enterprise customers of all sizes. The robust integration enables real-time, automated population of contacts/leads and appointment information.




Lightning Ready


Fully integrated with the Lightning and Classic user experience to help your team book faster and be more productive.

360° Customer View


The integration enables complete scheduling through all phases of the customer lifecycle. 

Embedded Studio


Our new admin interface is embedded into Salesforce to enable BookingBug functionality inside Salesforce.



Support for OAuth 2.0 and SAML Single Sign On authentication resulting in a secure integration.


GOV.UK Appointment System

Improved CX

Building profitable customer relationships


Our platform is designed to meet the diverse appointment and event management requirements of any organization. When combined with the power of Salesforce CRM, organizations can access unprecedented customer insights that enable sophisticated management decision making and more personalized marketing activities. The new integration also reduces duplication and keeps one single customer record including full activity history for a 360° customer insight view.

Calendar Integration

Full integration with your chosen calendars


We’ve taken on the complexities of scheduling to allow you to focus on the customer experience! Whether you use Outlook, Google, iCal, Office 365 or Salesforce calendar, BookingBug ensures free and busy times are accurately reflected and booked meetings are added to your personal calendar and all attendees’ calendars.

Appointment Sync
MS Exchange

Admin Integration

The power of Studio available within Salesforce


Our new integration embeds our new Studio interface within Salesforces. Users now have access to BookingBug features which allows the user to create and manage appointments as well as configuring BookingBug. An additional operational benefit is all future updates to our Studio are instantly available to users within Salesforce due to the simplistic nature of the integration. Administration all under one roof!

Multi-Person Meetings

Schedule meetings 1:1 or with teams 

Meeting preferences and needs change based on the customer booking. This can include just one-on-one meetings with a prospect or customer or sometimes include one or more colleagues. BookingBug’s integration with Salesforce supports either scenario by either showing your personal availability or just the available times that everyone on your team invited can meet. Complex appointments made simple!

MS Exchange
MS Exchange

Web Conferencing Integration

Integrated and automated web conferencing


BookingBug integrates with leading web conferencing providers so you can easily include conferencing details in your invitations. No more cutting and pasting links from your web conferencing system into the meeting invitation. We provide a unique link for each meeting invite cutting administration time. Bookings just got easier!

Two-Way Sync

Seamless data flow


The key to successful scheduling is providing accurate data showing a live representation of bookings and staff availability. With our new integration, booking and customer data is automatically populated against the correct Salesforce user allowing associates to manage day-to-day calendars from within Salesforce. Run advanced reporting to demonstrate higher sales value, conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

MS Exchange
MS Exchange


Highly-secure connection

BookingBug is ISO 27001 accredited meaning that we follow international information security best practices, while data in transit is fully encrypted. Our Salesforce integration supports OAuth 2.0 Single Sign On method to enable a secure data connection between the BookingBug platform and your Salesforce environment and SAML authentication to access the Studio platform inside Salesforce.


Three Configuration Options

We offer three options from standard object implementation to slightly more complex custom object implementation. This supports both standard and more heavily bespoke client configurations of Salesforce ensuring BookingBug can support your Enterprise needs. We’ve been proactive in ensuring set-up is optimized for speed and ease to ensure you do not need to change your current business workflows.

MS Exchange
MS Exchange


Download the Next-Gen Salesforce Integration Datasheet 

Our Next-Gen Salesforce Integration is built with simplicity, scalability, and flexibility in mind for Enterprise customers of all sizes. The robust integration enables real-time, automatic population of contacts/leads and appointment information.

Get the datasheet today and learn how you can ultilise our next-gen integration Salesforce integration.