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BookingBug’s robust integration with Salesforce enables the real-time, automated population of customer and booking information.




Data-driven decision making with Salesforce integration

By collating all customer information in one place, organizations of all types gain valuable insights about their customers and their behavior. All BookingBug data gathered from appointment, queue, event and course interactions can be combined with any other data to build a single view of the customer. This enables targeting and intelligent decision making like never before.



CRM Intergrations
Building profitable customer relationships


The BookingBug platform has been designed to meet the diverse appointment and event management requirements of any organization. When combined with the power of Salesforce CRM, organizations can access unprecedented customer insights that enable sophisticated management decision making and more personalized marketing activities.

Seamless data flow


Booking and customer data is automatically populated against the correct customer record allowing associates to manage day-to-day calendars from within Salesforce. Run advanced reporting to demonstrate higher sales value, conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

Booking Calendar
SalesForce Intergration
Using BookingBug within Salesforce


In addition to customers scheduling appointments, head office and branch staff can also make, move and cancel bookings, as well as search for customer profiles. Key BookingBug screens are made available within Salesforce so that users have a single application for managing CRM and BookingBug activities together.

Data Integrity

Bi-directional synchronization ensures data is always accurate, even with multiple data inputs constantly updating customer records.

Single Customer View

Combining booking history data with your main CRM data to provide an in-depth, 360-degree profile of every customer.

Automated Actions

Customer booking data can trigger powerful automated processes to provide a streamlined flow of activities in the background.

Completely Customizable

Both the BookingBug and Salesforce environments are fully configurable to your organization, so no need to change your current business workflows.


Data Security

BookingBug is ISO 27001 accredited meaning that we follow international information security best practices, while data in transit is fully encrypted.

Business Intelligence

Use rich data and Salesforce’s powerful reporting engine to gain unrivalled insights into customers, segments, demographics and other important metrics.

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