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BookingBug works with many of the world’s leading names helping them offer powerful scheduling experiences that create profitable customer relationships.



Proving the retail value of digital & physical with scheduling management software


Retailers have felt the pressure from online more than most, but today’s savvy shopping brands are fighting back. They’re improving connections between their digital and physical presences. They’re ensuring the value of the physical store is kept front and center with expert assistance, memorable experiences and exemplary service.


They’re using big data to drive smarter decision making. They use automated technology to create opportunities for face-to-face engagements with valued clients. Staff are fully focused on building relationships, not battling with tedious administration.



Babies R Us Booking System
Powered-up store locator transforms customer experience

The convenience of the online store locator is often the first step in the shopping trip. BookingBug transforms it from a humble map where customers can schedule appointments and even join the virtual queue before they’ve left the house.

Increase footfall, conversion rates and spend value

In-store footfall is important, but so is ensuring customers buy and don’t just browse. BookingBug supports staff with knowledge and insights so they provide personalized service and expert assistance. Personal shopping trebles average customer spend and scheduled appointments are proven to increase propensity to spend by 95% over walk-ins.

Improve Booking Conversions
Three Mobile Appointment System
Identify your highest value customers

Scheduled appointments, live events and dynamic queuing provide a wealth of highly intimate shopper data that can be used to enable more successful targeted marketing activity. Combine BookingBug data with lifetime value figures to form sophisticated customer insights.

Increase in-store footfall with live events

Live events provide retailers with the ability to transform the walk-in experience into something far more special. Use BookingBug to elevate brand awareness by hosting seasonal in-store events. Increase engagement with loyal customers through exclusive member-only events. Boost new visits by offering unique live experiences.

Increase store visitors
CRM Intergrations
Integrations connect face-to-face

Retailers rely on data for fast and profitable decision making. BookingBug is built to seamlessly connect appointment, event and queuing data with point-of-sale and CRM to drive insights through advanced reporting. Rich historical data drives smarter future planning. Accurately manage staff capacity and utilization across departments, branches, regions and countries.

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