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BookingBug’s powerful customer engagement platform helps organizations simplify their complex, high-volume and high-value customers.




For Enterprise, inquire about pricing here

Our enterprise software is a more advanced product with dedicated environments and many more features. Advanced integrations such as Salesforce, Outlook and GMail are only available in our Enterprise solution which start at $2,000 monthly.

How does the free trial work?

We offer a full-feature free 14-day trial period to all businesses signing up to our Solo, Small and Medium plans. You won't pay a thing until you've explored the system and are sure that BookingBug is the right solution for your business.

Is there a set up-fee?

No. We've designed the BookingBug platform so it's simple for you to configure your account to your specific business needs. We have a series of step-by-step set-up guides and walkthrough videos to help you through every step of the way.

Is there a minimum contract period?

No. BookingBug is a pay-as-you-go service. You will be billed for your subscription monthly and can cancel, upgrade as your business grows or freeze your account (if you're a seasonal business) whenever you need to.

Does BookingBug take a booking fee?

Never. We don't charge booking fees, or take a percentage of what your customers pay for your services. Our plans are completely transparent, based on business size and volume of bookings taken, so there will be no nasty surprises.

    Core features & benefits

  • BookingBug’s plans for Solo, Small and Medium sized businesses operate on a month-by-month basis with no minimum contract period to commit to. Simply pay each month and cancel (or freeze) your account any time with no obligation.

  • Whether your business takes appointments, reservations, is rental based, or runs classes, course or events, BookingBug allows you to take bookings online, manage your customers and attract new ones.

  • You can embed your BookingBug calendar directly onto your existing website and/or Facebook Business Page. It can be customised to match the colours, design and style of your site to create a truly seamless customer experience. If you want to take bookings online, but don’t yet have a website, we offer free BookingBug Business Pages to let your clients find and book with you online.

  • BookingBug enables you to send automated booking confirmations and reminders to customers and staff to help reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations. These can be customised in terms of design, content and timing to make sure your customers get all of the information they need, when they need it.

  • BookingBug’s admin dashboard enables staff to view and manage schedules, appointments and bookings. Staff can make bookings on behalf of customers, move or cancel bookings, and contact customers directly from within the dashboard.

  • Whether your business takes bookings by the hour, day, half day, requires split appointments, runs series of courses, needs to factor in turn-around times, or something else entirely, BookingBug’s booking settings are completely configurable to match your specific requirements.

  • BookingBug allows you to take payments and deposits online. We support all currencies and are integrated with several payment providers from around the world.

  • Your customers can view your availability and make bookings from wherever they are online. Likewise, you and your staff can access the admin dashboard whenever it is needed, whether that’s at work, from home, or on the move.

  • BookingBug enables you to build and manage your customer database. You can collect all required information during the customer booking process, contact customers from within the admin dashboard and run marketing campaigns and promotions. If you have an existing customer list, you can import it directly into your BookingBug account.

  • Customers can make their bookings, reservations, enquiries and payments with you 24/7. BookingBug is always live so your availability and schedule is always up to date no matter where it is viewed from.

  • All plans include a series of basic, advanced and custom reporting tools to enable you to analyse and review your booking, customer and business data to get a detailed feel for how your business is doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Develop special offers, promotions, deals and discounts from within your BookingBug account. Our range of marketing and promotional features can help you set up and manage your campaigns from start to end.

  • We integrate with MailChimp’s great email marketing platform to enable you to sync all of your customer information and develop sophisticated email campaigns.

  • As a cloud based technology, BookingBug ensures that all your booking and customer data is safely stored and backed up at all times.

  • BookingBug adheres to all relevant PCI-DSS security compliance standards. You can view our SecurityMetrics compliance certificate by clicking the link.

  • If you offer complex types of bookings or a range of varying pricing options, BookingBug is flexible and customisable to be able to match your business’s specific requirements.

  • For classes, courses and events, you can offer advanced ticket types such as different types of tiered pricing (adult, child, etc.), group tickets, early bird pricing and ticket pools.

  • We offer market-leading daily deals features that allow you to manage your daily deals, take online redemptions, import, match and validate codes, collect security codes, offer custom availability, manage complex deals, and increase revenue by offering upsell opportunities.

  • Your brand is everything, as is offering your customers a seamless experience when they're engaging with you. As such, our booking interfaces are fully customisable to match your existing website.

  • BookingBug has an in-depth online repository of step-by-step articles and walkthroughs designed to get you up and running and making the most of your BookingBug account. You can access the Knowledge Base by clicking here.

  • BookingBug has a series of video tutorials designed to walk you through the set-up of your BookingBug account. These are available to all BookingBug users through the Knowledge Base and our YouTube channel.

  • We have a dedicated support team on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have when setting up or configuring your BookingBug account. The team is available from 9am to 6pm UTC, Monday to Friday.

  • SMS reminders & confirmations
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