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Get ready to create game-changing solutions with the most powerful scheduling platform available.




Complete flexibility to suit your needs


Whether you’re building solutions internally or for clients, the BookingBug platform enables technical teams to build and integrate their own fully customized, integrated booking solutions on top of BookingBug's award-winning core software.

The BookingBug Platform - consisting of open REST APIs, a Javascript SDK and Widget Designer - is a complete toolkit to power the next generation of scheduling software. It’s been built to handle very high traffic volumes, secure enough to satisfy bank-grade requirements.




BookingBug's System
Built on open architecture

BookingBug’s open architecture platform means other software systems can easily integrate, enabling developers to build bespoke, fully custom scheduling solutions on top of the core platform. The platform is used by a thriving community of partners to build client solutions, from large System Integrators to small specialist digital agencies.

Protecting your organization’s information


Information security is a central tenet to the trust customers place in BookingBug. We have extremely robust data security policies and practices in place, accredited by ISO 27001, the international best practice standard for information security. This provides increased security of information and improved customer confidence.

EE Booking System
Evolving Booking System
An evolving platform, not static software


BookingBug is driven by innovation. Inspiration might come from our staff, partners or clients’ suggestions to create new and interesting ways to use our software. It’s because we’re continually improving BookingBug that we’re able to offer new features, enhancements and product improvements. Retail, banking and government can’t stand still and neither do we.

Connecting you with your software


API integrations with the leading CRM systems, including Salesforce, Oracle and MS Dynamics enables organizations to connect customer data to appointments, event tickets and queues. Calendars can be updated by you, your clients or even your manager for full flexibility, traceability and visibility.

CRM Intergrations
Built for Developers
Built for Developers

The BookingBug Platform puts the power of our award-winning technology into the hands of developers and designers. Whether you're building solutions for large enterprises or smaller local businesses, build and integrate your own custom, fully integrated booking solutions on top of BookingBug's core platform.

Scale across your entire network


Uniquely for any scheduling system currently available, data is structured in a parent/child configuration. This means organizations can manage staff utilization and services centrally. Administrators configure parent company services, cascading the configuration down to child branches. This enables a very efficient method of configuring default company services en masse.

scheduling system
MS Exchange


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