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Get ready to create game-changing solutions with the most powerful scheduling platform available.





BookingBug supercharges every touchpoint of the digital-to-physical customer journey. By enabling organizations to meet customers where they are, and orchestrate every moment thereafter, the resulting human-to-human experiences lead to increased revenue, customer loyalty, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).




A flexible, adaptable and configurable platform for customer-centric enterprises.

In an era where companies struggle to harmonize digital and in-person interactions, BookingBug is bridging the divide.

Using configured seamless digital-to-physical workflows, the BookingBug platform can eliminate silos across lines of business, channels and services.

BookingBug is the first company in our category to offer a single, versatile platform that supports a range of time-driven customer and workforce needs that provoke attraction, engagement and retention.

Brands using BookingBug can create secure, data-driven and integrated experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle. From online to in-store, BookingBug bridges the gaps in the customer experience– simplifying scheduling and maximizing workforce utilization.

BookingBug's System
Unify your omnichannel customer experience

The Journey Orchestrator unifies the digital-to-physical customer journey and touch points across all channels and lines of business.

Orchestrate every moment


The platform offers a number of cutting-edge modules including Appointments, Events, Queuing, Call Center and Insights to deliver world-class experiences, while unifying workflows and easily integrating with existing applications and infrastructure.

EE Booking System
Evolving Booking System
Complex scheduling made simple


At the heart of the platform is a powerful Scheduling Engine, built with a purpose to tackle the multi-dimensional complexities of simultaneously scheduling appointments, events and queues.

Data-driven decisions


The Data and Analytics layer provides deep insights to inform data-driven decisions–enabling continuous optimization of resources, and improvement of your customer experiences.

CRM Intergrations
Built for Developers
Fully Integrated

The Integration Layer works seamlessly with any CRM, payment, calendar, and other systems–ensuring seamless connectivity to your existing systems to achieve a true 360 customer view.

Why clients select the BookingBug Platform:

Seamless integration

Connect BookingBug with your existing enterprise systems to unite all your existing business workflows together in a highly robust, stable, and scalable approach.

Hardware and browser agnostic

Accessible on any device via the browser of your choice. The user interface delivers responsive experience, no matter if it’s desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Leading technology stack

Developed as an open platform with publicly available RESTful APIs. Our recent innovation, the BookingBug Developer Portal (BDP), provides developers and our partners the capability to build atop of our platform to accelerate app and feature development.

Cloud-based with centralised control

Cloud-based platform architecture ensures BookingBug’s sclability across a vast number of locations and regions with low latency, minimal disruption and and low cost. Retain central visibility and control of the platform and grant access to others.

Robust and secure

We guarantee a 99.95% uptime or higher if required, and offer multiple hosting options including Multi-Tenant or Virtual Private Cloud. Security is ensured through regular penetration tests and compliance with a multitude of certifications bodies, including ISO27001, PCI and others.

Innovative and constantly evolving

BookingBug is an agile, innovative and dynamic technology business consistently keeping up to date with market trends, technologies and our enterprise customer’s needs. We’re constantly evolving the Platform’s capabilities to maintain our position as the world’s leading customer journey management platform.

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