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Outlook Integration




Seamless Appointment Software Integration between
Outlook and BookingBug



Built for Outlook

We are experts in Microsoft Exchange and our new Outlook and Office 365 Integration is a complete game changer. We’ve rebuilt our existing integration capabilities from the ground up on our new Enterprise Integration Layer. This next-gen integration is built with simplicity, scalability and flexibility in mind, perfect for Enterprise customers of all sizes. The robust integration enables real-time, automatic population of customer and booking information.



Two Way Sync


A key to successful scheduling is providing accurate data showing a live representation of bookings and staff availability. With our new integration, booking data is automatically synced between Outlook, Office 365 and BookingBug.



Increased visibility of availability


Bookings will flow seamlessly into your Exchange calendar, and busy events in your connected calendar will block out availability in your Booking Calendar so you don’t get double booked.




Increase in employee productivity


BookingBug has automated the flow of information between Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and BookingBug to eliminate administration time. By automatically creating MS Outlook and Office 365 calendar items, your business users no longer need to worry about double-entry.

Appointment lock


Moving a BookingBug-created appointment in Outlook and Office 365 is restricted, and the event syncs back to the original slot. This minimizes accidental editing of a customer-created appointment.




GOV.UK Appointment System

Streaming Subscription

Real-time connection


BookingBug works with your Exchange calendar in real time via our streaming subscription. Some Exchange servers have a relatively slow response time, and some apply a throttling policy, intended to moderate data traffic. To ensure fast performance and a smooth customer experience, we employ a streaming subscription to keep you up and running, even during the busiest times.


Prevent double booking


Our real-time calendar connection and powerful integration features ensure you never get double booked. Your calendar information is always treated with the utmost privacy. Customers only have visibility into available time slots, ensuring they can schedule appointments without revealing your free/busy patterns.

Appointment Sync
MS Exchange

Enhanced customer experience

Personalized interactions


Our newly enhanced integration includes personalized calendar interactions controlled within Studio. Businesses can now customize the subject and body descriptions sent to staff in their calendar event invitations via dynamic objects which sync with Outlook and Office 365. This provides your staff with more information on the needs of your customer and continues to deliver personalized communications to your customers.

Seamless upgrades

Greater control 

BookingBug’s Integration Layer connects directly at the Microsoft Exchange level removing the challenges faced with offering an integration plugin. This enables greater control on user access and permissions, supporting centralized management at the Enterprise level. Gone are the days of requiring each user to download a plugin and subsequently run the installation, keep on top of the updates and troubleshoot any issues.

MS Exchange
MS Exchange


Highly secure connection


The integration adheres to the strictest privacy and security policies. All credentials and data traffic are fully encrypted and secure. The integration uses the permissions users already have when viewing calendars (for example: only free/busy), so no new information will be accessible to them. The integration is based on EWS (Exchange Web Services) – a well-established and official Microsoft protocol. BookingBug is ISO 27001 accredited meaning that we follow international information security best practices, and data in transit is fully encrypted.

Zero change management

Deployed to suit your current business workflow


Your business users will want to manage everything within an application they are incredibly familiar with already, our newly enhanced integration offers just that. Your users can see what appointments have been scheduled with them directly in Outlook and Office 365 without needing to learn or login to BookingBug. This supports user adoption and reduces any change management program needed during the implementation.

MS Exchange
MS Exchange


Download the Next-Gen Microsoft Exchange Integration Datasheet


BookingBug’s new Microsoft Exchange Integration is designed to provide a full suite of capabilities needed to deliver seamless, intelligent and scalable scheduling with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

Get the datasheet today and learn how you can capitalise from our powerful next-gen microsoft exchange integration.