Outlook Appointment Scheduling Software with BookingBug
Outlook Integration




Enabling staff to synchronise calendars with live customer bookings to ensure they are always aware of commitments.




How the BookingBug and Outlook integration works

When bookings are made through BookingBug, either by a customer, an admin or a staff member, the booking and associated data is imported into the relevant Outlook calendar within seconds. All data is synchronized to ensure accurate availability is displayed on the website, in the call center and in-store.



GOV.UK Appointment System
Real-time availability


Provide customers with live and accurate staff availability without compromising security or privacy. Smart routing works out which staff can deliver the requested service, then presents the availability of the relevant staff. Staff and managers can block out time - for other appointments, vacation or regular meetings - which then updates availability in seconds.

Dynamic appointment updates


If customer-facing staff or the customer have to amend or cancel an appointment, all updates are automatically reflected in both the BookingBug calendar and the Outlook calendar. This flexibility allows more fluid management of appointment schedules, safe in the knowledge that all other calendars are perfectly accurate and up to date.

Appointment Sync
MS Exchange
Connect MS Exchange Server


We can also configure the BookingBug platform so that it associates BookingBug staff members to members connected via MS Exchange server. When the staff member is assigned a booking, we can configure the platform to connect with Exchange so that the correct Outlook user’s calendar will display the accurate appointment information.

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