American Golf's Driven to Schedule Appointments for Loyal Customers

American Golf relaunched its customer loyalty scheme and is using booking and reservation technology to draw a million of its customers back in-store.

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Europe's Leading Golf Retailer


American Golf is Europe's largest golf retailer. Established in 1978, they now have over 100 stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland which stocks a full range of golfing equipment. They pride themselves on giving the very best service and after-sales care.


Achieving the right balance


The challenge for American Golf is achieving the right balance so one channel doesn’t cannibalize the other. “We have a lot of visits on American Golf online, but a lot of people are looking for stores and the conversion on the website is poor, so it’s about making the most of every single visit”, says Gathercole.

Bigger results week on week


Gathercole notes that from the time of launch, the number of bookings has increased week on week. “We are doing over 200 bookings now and the conversion from our three different types of appointments has also been strong.”

Becoming competitive


Dan says, “The key to this for us is being able to do exactly what the pro shops can do and to become a real alternative to the pro golf shop. So now we can see lessons, you can book tee times and buy golf equipment from us.”

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