Mothercare BookingBug Case Study

Mothercare Nurtures Customer Relationships


BookingBug has worked with Mothercare to build upon its enhanced customer insights, making it simple to market and schedule added value services for high value customers.

Specialist British retailer with global appeal


Mothercare first opened its doors selling products to parents in 1961 and has since increased its global presence, with over 60% of worldwide sales coming from overseas.

Completing the puzzle


Mothercare developed a new level of clarity with which it could understand its customers, but part of the puzzle was missing: a way to really encourage customers back into stores that could scale to a much larger, engaged and more loyal community.

Baby steps...


Mothercare worked with BookingBug to offer services, including car seat consultations and preparing for a new arrival. The experience was perfectly responsive to any device, from mobile to tablets to desktops and fully branded as a seamless Mothercare experience.

Event revenue doubled


“The most conspicuous benefit is that our event revenue has doubled, providing hundreds of thousands of pounds of new revenue. Or that we saw 25% of that growth in just three months since BookingBug was added to the mix, even before being rolled out in some of our larger stores.” Ryan Davies, Head of CRM and Loyalty at Mothercare, explains.

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