Lambeth Council


Lambeth Council Improves Citizen Experience with BookingBug and Field Dynamics


Lambeth Council is delivering real value from digitally-enabled services with online appointment booking

Lambeth Council

Digital-first movement


In Great Britain, 82% of adults use the internet daily, 70% of whom do so via their mobile. People are accustomed to accessing information and services on the internet instantly, and now expect that level of instant gratification from their council services.

BookingBug and Field Dynamics


To help Lambeth Council implement their digital strategy, we partnered with Field Dynamics to digitize their services, reduce their overhead costs and improve customer satisfaction levels.

More appointments


Almost twice as many appointments can be carried out, now that the time required to take telephone bookings has dramatically decreased.

Better experience


Most notably, customer and employee experience has shown great improvement. Employees now spend more time delivering the service and less time on telephone calls. Customers also have a better experience because they have the flexibility to control the date and time of their own appointment and can access the booking service at any time.

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