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Trusted by Fortune 500 organizations to handle their most complex scheduling requirements



BookingBug’s Customer Engagement Platform has helped its enterprise customers see up to a 400% increase in revenue since implementation

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“We immediately saw significant volumes of enquiries come in, validating our theory that this would be popular with our customers and enhance their omnichannel experience.”

Richard Ambler, Head of Product Services at John Lewis


Robust Appointment Platform


BookingBug’s powerful omnichannel platform is proven to create profitable customer engagements. It enables your administrators to easily view customer history, gain insight into their behavior and manage staff time effectively.

Dynamic Queuing Solution


Our scalable queuing solution allows customers to receive accurate and personalized wait time information, bringing them into stores and branches using configured, historic and real-time data.


Versatile Event Platform

Events at BookingBug brings a scalable solution, which through configuration allows for complete flexibility to provide engaging events that reflect your business, increasing footfall, customer spending, and bringing in new business

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Customer Key Outcomes


80% of appointments now converting to revenue since implementation


Revenue generated from appointments has increased 400%


Staff administration was reduced by 75%



3x-10x increase in basket size after implementation


American Golf Increases Appointment Volume by 30x 


As one of Europe's largest golf retailers, American Golf knows a thing or two about brick and mortar. In their 100+ stores, they find success by differentiating themselves through one key factor: creating memorable customer experiences.


Since implementing BookingBug 80% of appointments are now converting to revenue.