BookingBug’s citizen scheduling platform helps government departments simplify their complicated, high-volume engagement requirements.



Creating Profitable Citizen Engagements

Provisioning digital processes to scheduling improves citizen experience and creates staff process efficiencies. Powerful reporting enables management to maximize staff and resource utilization.

BookingBug is the only platform trusted by local and central governments to manage their most important citizen engagement journeys that need to be secure, data-driven, and fully integrated with internal software and systems.




GOV.UK Appointment System
Effective citizen engagement

Erase the negative public view of Government bureaucracy by rapidly advancing digital scheduling journeys. State-of-the-art appointment, events and queuing technology quickly improves citizen satisfaction and employee efficiency. BookingBug blends its vast experience from retail, banking, and many government solutions to provide 21st Century scheduling solutions.

Efficient use of resources

Staff and citizen time is maximized to ensure a streamlined process with a zero error rate. Allocate appointments to the right staff based on preset attributes, skills and availability. Reduce no show rates with multichannel notifications and alerts and offer the public flexibility to change and update scheduled appointments.

Efficient use of resources
KPI Improvement
Measurable KPIs improve utilization

Everything in BookingBug is reportable meaning that you can quickly gain sophisticated insights into organizational performance. Measure staff utilization rates to plan resources more effectively and offer staff a better associate experience. Gauge satisfaction with citizen-driven feedback loops that constantly assess service provision success.

Citizen driven


Tailored services ensure critical services focus on members of the community most in need. BookingBug’s range of scheduling solutions smoothly run many different journeys. Combine appointments with queuing to cope with demand peaks and troughs, or use events to host regular educational courses. All services are synchronized to provide a seamless experience that increases satisfaction and creates efficiencies.

Citizen Driven
Improved outcomes
Improved outcomes


Fewer appointments are required when staff are equipped with the right information to meet the needs of their customers. Increased capacity means a quicker service can be provided to offer a ‘right first time’ service. Managers have all scheduling data at their fingertips to see improved post-service feedback.

Connect to calendars, databases and any other API-ready systems


Integrate appointments with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook for convenient calendar management. Schedules update as appointments inevitably change to ensure staff make the most of their time. Connect citizen data at the point of service delivery to save time and provide a great service.

bookingbug API

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