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BookingBug brings a range of retail banking engagement solutions to help personalize the relationship and maximize profitability.




Maximizing your branches potential with BookingBug Appointment Scheduling



The challenge for branch-based banks competing with new incumbents has never been greater. Shifting simple transactions to machines doesn’t mean the relationship should suffer, though.


Whether it’s a first time mortgage appointment or a life long customer planning their retirement, banks see the value in offering scheduling experiences that create profitable customer engagements.


The nature of banking means that there will always be busy and quiet times. Planning and even predicting these changes enables more efficient capacity planning and better use of staff and resources.




YBS Appointment Booking
Don’t make customers wait in line

Banking customers can join virtual bank queues from their personal device. Use branch locator to find the shortest queue. Staff can relieve pressure on peak demand by offering appointments for a later date. Customers in-queue are constantly kept informed of progress and predicted service time through in-branch signage, SMS alerts and app notifications.

Maximize commercial opportunities with high value engagements


Combine pre-appointment qualification criteria with historic CRM data to identify your highest value customers, then target them with personalized offers and incentives. Welcome VIP clients by automatically moving them to the head of the queue. Offer flexible appointment options in-branch, on a call, at home or even on an online video call.

Historic CRM Data
Capital One Appointment Scheduling
Reporting and capacity planning


Optimize branches to handle high demand efficiently, yet still retain a personal touch with regular customers. Gain valuable capacity planning insights into branches enabling more effective staffing and resourcing. Provide staff with accurate account information to enable higher cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Bank-grade security

Information security is a central tenet to the trust banks place in BookingBug. Extremely robust data security policies and practices are in place and externally audited. The BookingBug platform is accredited by ISO 27001, the international best practice standard for information security. This maximizes the security of information and provides complete customer confidence.

ISO 27001
event and queuing data
Open data for 360° customer view


BookingBug is built to seamlessly connect appointment, event and queuing data with counter services and CRM to drive insights through advanced reporting. Rich historical data drives smarter and more efficient future planning. Accurately manage staff capacity and utilization across product areas, branches and regions.

MS Exchange


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