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The banking paradox

Your customers are more connected than ever before, and their expectations of financial service providers have changed. They expect increasingly sophisticated digital and mobile services - yet also want an accessible, personal connection with their bank or credit union.

BookingBug helps the financial services sector innovate in this connected world by enabling new ways to engage with customers, both online and offline.

Customer experience as a differentiator

Satisfaction amongst banking customers is driven by a number of key factors, including the quality of interactions, personal and self-serve banking, and convenience of services. Although seamless, multichannel digital banking is the future of financial services, banks also cannot ignore the value of personalized in-branch services.

BookingBug's banking platform enables financial services providers to fully integrate in-branch or in-person services into their digital and omnichannel strategies.

A Platform to Build Lasting Relationships

BookingBug is your omnichannel customer engagement partner. Our financial services platform consists of a suite of specialist tools and features designed to enable your organization to provide exceptional experiences to your customers, associates and the wider business. Our financial services platform offers:

 Multichannel appointment bookings

Multichannel appointment booking

 Flexible management dashboards

Flexible management dashboards

 Customised booking journeys

Customized booking journeys

 SMS + email confirmations and reminders

SMS and email confirmations and reminders

 In-branch concierge + virtual queuing

In-branch concierge and virtual queuing

 ISO 27001 security accredited

ISO 27001 security accreditation

 Appointment outcome analysis

Appointment outcome analysis

 Appointment feedback module

Appointment feedback module

 Data analysis + reporting

Data analysis and reporting

 Mobile app integration

Mobile app integration

 CRM integration

CRM integration

 BI tool integration

BI tool integration

Delivering Benefits Across Your Business

Product marketing

Unlock new revenue from products and services. Generate quantifiable, actionable appointment outcome data and insights for retargeting. Create measurable marketing campaigns.

The IT department

A secure, robust solution built on an open platform that integrates seamlessly with existing technologies. Low maintenance, future-proof technology with an unmatched feature set and unbeatable speed to market. 

The digital team

A single platform to create a blended, integrated omnichannel customer experience spanning online, mobile, in-branch and call center. Track the impact and value of digital channels on brick and mortar sales.

Branch operations

Improve operational efficiency, capacity utilization and workforce management. Drive in-branch footfall from digital channels. Create upsell opportunities and measure the outcomes of associates' appointments more accurately.

The call center

A single real-time view of appointment and customer data spanning your entire network of branches or consultants. Flexible, secure admin access allowing call center staff to make, move and cancel bookings.

Head office

Better inform business analysts and strategy teams with intelligent analytics and insights to improve understanding of appointment outcomes, value of services, customer data and capacity utilization.

A Secure Platform That Sits at the Heart of Your Organization

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