Founder & CEO of BookingBug, Glenn leads the 140-strong team across the firm’s offices in London, Boston and Sydney.

Your BookingBug Public Page

A website is not required to use BookingBug. You can visit sites like Moonfruit to build a site for your business but BookingBug can provide you a link which you can send out to your clients. Alternatively, you can also add a bookings tab to your Facebook Page.

Share your BookingBug public page so you can take bookings immediately.

When you are logged into BookingBug, your public page can be found in Publish. Select Public*Page* from the left-hand column. Your page will contain company logo, email, phone number, descriptions and more.

To add a company logo to your public page go to Account, Graphics*Home* and click Company*Logo* to upload an image.

The company name can be changed under Account and My*Company*.

Everything else can be changed under Account, Graphics*Home* and Homepage, this includes: sub title text, email, phone number, description and text above widget.

Some examples of our BookingBug public pages:

Lakeside Painting

Harmony Hub for Kids

Style Me Beautiful