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YBS Cuts Admin Time by 50%


The financial services industry hasn’t traditionally been known as a space where “customer is king”, so when movers & shakers come around, people take notice. In the UK, Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) is one of those movers & shakers. They believe that for high-value customers like mortgage applicants, there is no margin for error when it comes to customer service. They employ this mentality throughout their 200+ branches and 4500 team members.

When the partnership between YBS and BookingBug began, the goal was clear; improve the quality and quantity of face-to-face meetings with advisors for mortgage applicants. When the team at YBS had analyzed how applicants were getting these appointments set up, they saw the successes brought in via phone and directly from branches. Yet, when it came to their online experience, the story was different. Applicants would fill out a contact form and have to wait to hear back while advisors would manually qualify each of the requests. In terms of staffing, they had assembled a great team at the front lines, but tedious tasks often pulled them away from customers. YBS saw an opportunity to not only step up how they were delivering personalized appointments, but the chance to become the first mortgage provider in the UK to enable their customers to schedule appointments online.


After a 9-branch pilot program where both the BookingBug and YBS team learned critical insights, the roll-out to over 200 branches began. After implementation, YBS saw tangible results in the relationships between the building society and its members, driven by the fact that admin time for advisors was cut by 50%. This drastic change freed up time for advisors to do what they’re best at; providing mortgage applicants with the service they need.

This wasn’t the only benefit YBS received from the solution though, an unexpected benefit showed itself with staffing efficiency. When BookingBug became the central hub for YBS’s appointment scheduling, they were able to see exactly how many meetings each advisor was conducting and analyze where the opportunities were to re-allocate responsibilities for an even distribution. This ensured each branch was appropriately staffed and advisors were able to adequately prepare for each of their meetings.

Want to read the full story including the specifics of how YBS set up their scheduling system? Download the entire YBS Case Study, here.