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Golfsmith – the world’s largest specialist golf superstore – provides custom club fitting appointments to its customers in over 100 stores across the United States. Learn more about how BookingBug has helped Golfsmith to bring this valuable in-store service into its omnichannel experience, benefitting the customer and the business alike…

About Golfsmith

Golfsmith is the world’s largest golf superstore for golf clubs, golf equipment, golf accessories, golf apparel and footwear, with 110 stores in the US and 56 in Canada. 
The Project at a Glance

 Golfsmith’s marketing department developed an industry-leading initiative to offer custom fitting appointments in store. With a 90%+ conversion rate from custom fittings, Golfsmith was looking for ways to increase the volume of bookings and enable them online. The company implemented BookingBug for custom fitting appointments across 100+ US stores.

What they hoped to do:

  • Increase awareness, accessibility and booking volume for custom fitting services
  • Highlight the fitting service as a differentiator not offered by competitors
  • Increase brand loyalty

What they did:

  • Implemented fully branded, cloud-based BookingBug system, scaling across over 100+ stores
  • Delivered one of Golfsmith’s first truly omnichannel projects bridging online + in-store experience
  • Closely supported by BookingBug’s specialist team for quick, simple implementation

What they accomplished:

  • Thousands of bookings a year with almost 10,000 online bookings taken since it was launched in 2012
  • Improved customer relationships, leading to future integration with customer loyalty scheme

Golfsmith’s Challenge

Golfsmith had heavily invested in a specialist custom fitting service that allowed customers to book consultancy sessions in-store with the company’s master club fitters. The fitting sessions were receiving positive feedback, but there was often extra, unused capacity as customers could only make an appointment by coming into the store to book.

The marketing department realised Golfsmith had a market lead in offering this service and it could become a key differentiator against competitors. It became increasingly clear that the custom fitting service was not only a way to generate additional revenue but to also build rewarding relationships and customer loyalty.

Golfsmith began looking at ways to raise the visibility of the custom fitting service. This included the need for a consistent and convenient way for customers to make bookings for over 100 stores in the US. The company felt making a booking should feel part of a branded, coherent experience as the custom fitting sessions themselves.

Golfsmith Senior Manager of Custom Fitting & Player Services, Jeff Morgan, explains
“Having equipped well over one million golfers in our 45-year history, our custom fitting service is something we are incredibly proud of. It is a unique demonstration within the industry of our dedication to expertise and customer experience.”

“The challenge we faced was how to let more people know the service existed and make bookings accessible to them without the need to go in the store.”


The BookingBug Solution

With the growth of online sales, Golfsmith’s website had become a key part of the business. It soon became clear that a fully branded and easy-to-use online booking system could boost bookings and improve brand loyalty.

Further research found that developing a clean consistent and simple service for customers was a complex job. The system would have to take into account a large number of variables including club type, location, fitting options. It also had to be flexible enough for each store to update its own availability and manage bookings with ease.

Following an extensive RFP process, BookingBug was selected for its technical excellence — but also its extensive experience and specialisation in projects of this kind.

Jeff Morgan: “The BookingBug team made the implementation a seamless and effective experience for everyone at Golfsmith. There were a number of suppliers that we spoke to during the selection process but time and time again, it became clear that projects like this were BookingBug’s bread and butter. The end result rewarded that confidence.”

BookingBug’s technology was chosen due to its flexibility, ability to handle custom variables and remain on-brand throughout the booking process. BookingBug’s system focused on giving customers a seamless experience whilst providing a great user interface for staff in store.

Following the implementation, Golfsmith became the first golf retailer in the US to offer online bookings like this. Each store offers up to three master fitters for customers to choose from and also offers an up-to-date calendar of their availability.

The project was also Golfsmith’s first schedule based online offering, leading the growing trend of retailers using online technology to build customer loyalty and drive traffic into brick and mortar stores.

The Benefits

BookingBug is now live and delivering a seamless customer experience over 100 stores in the US. Following the successful implementation and subsequent impact on appointment numbers and sales, Golfsmith is now receiving thousands of online bookings a year for the in-store sessions totalling nearly 10,000 since its launch in 2012.

As nearly 90% + of customers make a purchase following their consultation, BookingBug’s technology is contributing to an increasing number of sales. The implementation marked Golfsmith’s first move toward complementing its product offering with strong added value services.

Customers can now book an appointment in minutes, in which they can include details about club type and choose a preferred consultant. These bookings can then be directly managed by staff in each store. The flexibility and integration opportunities of BookingBug’s technology has uncovered Golfsmith is now in the position to roll out and integrate BookingBug’s technology with their wider CRM to develop a loyalty system that incorporates the custom fitting service.

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