#WidgetWednesday: Lquinn Training

As some of the BookingBug team gear up for the Run Hackney Half Marathon in May, it’s got the rest of us, shall we say, ‘less active’ team members thinking about exercise, and more importantly, our lack of…

So it only seems right to muster up some feel-good motivation this week by featuring a business in the health and fitness industry as our #WidgetWednesday!

So meet Lquinn Training. Based in Greater Manchester, Lquinn Training offers personal training, fitness classes, consultations and nutritional plans to help get you in tip-top shape!


Why we’ve nominated them as this week’s #WidgetWednesday

  • They have multiple widgets and use both time-based and event-based widgets for each service accordingly
  • The red colour scheme is bold and eye-catching, and clearly displays which sessions are available whilst upholding the theme of their website
  • The large sizing makes the widget a striking centerpiece of the webpage, making it more compelling for users to book

If you’d like to customise your widget and enhance your users’ booking experience, take a look at our video tutorials below or alternatively, you can check out the BookingBug Knowledge Base.


If you have an awesome BookingBug widget and want to show it off, we’d love to showcase it next week! Just tweet us @bookingbug with the hashtag #WidgetWednesday!