#WidgetWednesday: Flower Street 54

With both our London and Boston teams facing icy winter weather this week, we’ve all had summer vacations on our minds. So this week we’ve selected a beautiful European summer holiday destination to feature as our #WidgetWednesday.

Meet Flower Street 54. With two charming apartments to rent in the beautiful city of Porto, Flower Street 54 offer customers the chance to book their perfect getaway in one of the most architecturally modern and historical cities in Portugal.


Why we nominated Flower Street 54 as this week’s #WidgetWednesday

  • The widget is presented in a wide format, conveniently displaying the availability of the upcoming months
  • The use of the bright green has been used specifically to attract customers to available dates without making the widget unreadable
  • Flower Street 54 uses two widgets – one for each apartment they have to rent, showing at a glance both apartments availability if the user is impartial to either apartment.

If you’d like to customise your widget and enhance your users’ booking experience, take a look at our video tutorials below or alternatively, check out the BookingBug Knowledge Base.


If you have an awesome BookingBug widget and want to show it off, we’d love to showcase it next week! Just tweet us @bookingbug with the hashtag #WidgetWednesday!