#WidgetWednesday: BeeTennis


It’s time for another #WidgetWednesday! And this week we have chosen BeeTennis, who offer various forms of tennis coaching, no matter what your skill level. BeeTennis are based in Greater Manchester – and proud of it!

The ‘Bee’ in their name represents the term ‘busy bee’, which was allegedly first coined during the start of the industrial revolution, to describe the collective effort of Mancunians to achieve greatness.


Why we have nominated BeeTennis as this week’s #WidgetWednesday

  • Simplistic yet effective use of colour – BeeTennis have used the same colours as what their website uses, in order to uphold their theme and ensure brand continuity.
  • Each of their coaching services has a comprehensive description to ensure customers are well-informed about each of their services.
  • Booked time slots are colour-coded to match the widget’s background colour, so the customer only sees the available time slots on offer.
  • After selecting a time, customers are able to book an hour long session, or hour and a half long session – which is discounted. This encourages the customer to select the latter option.

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