Widget Wednesdays: The Jack The Ripper Tour

From now onwards, every week on Wednesday, we will be featuring one of our fantastic users on Widget Wednesdays! We want to highlight some creative and clever ways some businesses have utilised BookingBug, and hopefully, give a boost of promotion for the businesses that use our widget.

The feature business for this week isThe Jack The Ripper Tour. Based in London, UK, The Jack The Ripper Tour takes people on a creepy tour surrounding one of the most horrific and infamous British mystery, Jack the Ripper, and features the one-of-a-kind Ripper-Vision™.

Neat things:

  • Matching colour scheme: The widget colours have been customised to match the dark and gloominess of the background, as well as the gory, blood red from the logo
  • Three-month calendar: Makes it easy for customers to search for availability well ahead
  • Well integrated: Seamlessly blended into the website

Tip of the week:

  • Customise your widget to fit into the theme and design of your website, so that your customers connect with the brand identity

If you would like to be profiled on the next Widget Wednesday, send me (Lawrence) an email at lawrence@bookingbug.com, or tweet us at @bookingbug with #WidgetWednesday, and you might be next week’s featured business!