Widget Wednesday: YAFTA

This week’s #WidgetWednesday is YAFTA, the Yorkshire Academy of Film and Television Acting. YAFTA allows you to schedule one of their taster classes that covers a variety of acting skills such as cold reading, script work, accent and dialect, audition technique and even improvisation. Aspiring thespians can book both adult and child classes through their BookingBug widget embedded in their site.

YAFTA does a nice job implementing several features within their widget. They provide a lot of information on the booking page, making it easy for customers to make a purchase decision. After clicking ‘Book’ customers are brought to a booking form, where they can either enter their customer information or choose existing member. YAFTA also allows customers to connect socially, accepting Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ log in info. Finally, they have customised the CSS and colour scheme of their widget, helping it to match the look and feel of the rest of their page.

*Tip of the Week: *Encourage customers to make bookings on social media by embedding your widget onto your Facebook business page. Not only will this help promote social bookings, but it helped to further spread the word about your business. Learn how here!

Don’t forget, just tweet #WidgetWednesday @BookingBug if you’re interested in having your business showcased next week!