Widget Wednesday: Vision Counselling and Psychology

For this week’s Widget Wednesday, we are featuring Western Australian therapists, Vision Counselling and Psychology. Vision specializes in individual, couples, and family counselling, as well as in corporate and community support outreach. Customers can schedule therapy and counselling sessions in a variety of locations on the Vision website through their BookingBug widget.

Let’s see how they’ve implemented it…

Selecting the ‘Book Now’ button on the top right of the homepage directs you to the booking page.

After selecting the type of counselling session and location of the appointment, you are taken to a calendar view, and ultimately, on to a customer details and payment form.

Visions have made nice use of their BookingBug widget on their website. It is crucial to the success of the booking system that you have clear navigation to the booking page and feature call-to-action buttons. Vision has a visible ‘Book Now’ directly on their home page. Additionally, they provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to book. The widget also tells customers what location, service, and individual they are booking as they move through the process. Vision’s widget is clear, organized, and perfectly suited to their needs as a counselling and psychology services provider.

Tip of the Week: If you’re concerned about spam bookings being made on your site, you can help prevent them by asking customers to fill out a CAPTCHA before booking. Here’s our knowledge base article on how to set this up.

As always, just tweet #WidgetWednesday @BookingBug if you’d like to have your business featured!