Widget Wednesday: Villa Mata Hari

This week #WidgetWednesday is the idyllic Villa Mata Hari, located on the southern tip of Bali in Seminyak. The perfect place for a tropical holiday, this large beach-side villa has several rooms, a large pool, and private staff, making it ideal for a large group or family. Mata Hari displays their availability and encourages guests to book reservations through the BookingBug widget on their website.

villa mata hari

villa mata hari 2

Villa Mata Hari has nicely integrated their widget into their Rates & Reservations page. As is suitable for a rental property webpage, they have given a month by month calendar view. Upon clicking a date, customers can specify how long you wish to stay. Then they can enter their payment information and confirm their booking within three simple steps. Mata Hari has also coordinated the colours of the widget with their existing logo and images, which is a nice touch. This is a simple and effective widget, and perfect for the luxurious villa!

*Tip of the Week: *Consider exporting your customer data that is stored within the BookingBug system. This can provide you with more information for business analysis and will allow you to fully optimize your CRM.

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