Widget Wednesday: Stitch

After much deliberation (and going through a mammoth amount of widgets!), this week’s Widget Wednesday is…

Based in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, Stitch offers various sewing and craft workshops, including dressmaking and crochet classes. They also hold various events and socials where you can relax and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can buy their fabrics online if you prefer to go it alone.

Great features:

  • Colour co-ordination of their widget with the rest of their website, in order to maintain their tranquil, blue colour scheme
  • Attractive array of images to promote each of their workshops and classes, adding personality to the widget
  • Conveniently-placed tip on the left-hand side of the widget, ensuring customers are able to use the widget efficiently
  • Overall clean, and professional look and feel to the widget, reinforcing Stitch’s tasteful image.

To find out how to colour-code and add images to your widget just like Stitch, visit our Knowledge Base.

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