Widget Wednesday: Purearth

This week’s Widget Wednesday is the juice cleanse and detox business Purearth! The London-based business delivers a range of raw and organic juice cleanses, that can be delivered to your door by booking a delivery slot online through BookingBug. Purearth customers can even pay for their juice cleanse online when booking their delivery.


Great Features:

  • The widget has been customised with colours to match the rest of the brand and well-designed website
  • Clear booking instructions have been provided to ensure customers have an enjoyable experience when making their booking
  • The widget has been categorised by location, allowing users to know exactly which delivery they need to book according to their geographical area
  • Clear product descriptions are displayed, including prices and what is included. This ensures that customers know exactly what they are booking and which cleanse program is best for them

Tip of the week:

Make the customer experience as enjoyable as possible by making your booking widget easy to find, including clear product descriptions and clear booking steps.

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