Widget Wednesday: Planet X Bikes

This week, BookingBug is feeling inspired by the Tour de France’s arrival in the UK on Monday, 7 July. So much so that we’re featuring Planet X Bikes as our #WidgetWednesday! Planet X is your one stop shop for all your bike needs; they carry over 10,000 bicycle products. This UK based retailer also offers professional bike fittings which you can book online via their BookingBug widget.

PlanetX bikes 4

PlanetX bikes 2

Planet X Bikes features two different booking widgets for its two locations where it offers the service. Planet X creatively features the prices of their fittings within the booking slots, while simultaneously offering a weekly calendar view. After you click on your preferred time slot, a sidebar pops up with the various duration options that are available.

Another nice feature that Planet X has implemented is a social connect tab. As the customer enters their information, they are also able to easily connect to Planet X’s Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. Lastly, there is the option to become a member to Planet X’s customer database. This allows you to simply log in with an existing email and password.

Tip of the Week: Ensure that you complete the customer journey by scheduling automated follow-up and reminder emails. Not only is this helpful for your customers, but also reduces last minute cancellations and no-shows.

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