Widget Wednesday: BoXinBox

This week’s Widget Wednesday is BoXinBox!

Based in Madrid, BoXinBox offers various recording and rehearsal studios to rent. Each studio is equipped for different music styles and rehearsal purposes, and through the BookingBug widget, customers are able to book the studio that is best suited to their needs.

As well as providing studios to rehearse and record music, BoXinBox offers their customers other forms of support. Customers are given the chance to stream live music and content to their fans, as BoXinBox have professionals in place to assist with the technicalities. BoXinBox also allows customers to rent equipment for upcoming shows, and they can even offer a helping hand when it comes to organising the event.

Great widget features:

  • The colours chosen are bold and bright, upholding the website’s theme and accentuating BoXinBox’s exciting image
  • Due to the neat layout and thoughtful colour-coding of the widget, customers can easily see which slots are available
  • Prices are clearly labelled on the right-hand side of the widget, ensuring customers are aware of prices before making a booking
  • Overall clean and professional feel to the widget

*If you’d like to customise your widget just like BoXinBox, visit the BookingBug Knowledge Base! *

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