Widget Wedesday: Vodka Tzars

This week we are featuring Vodka Tzars for our #WidgetWednesday! First things first, we would like to give a tip of the hat to one of the best business slogans BookingBug has seen, “Putin the fun in vodka!”. At Vodka Tzars, which has locations throughout the UK, you can learn about the history and culture of vodka, sample a variety of kinds, and even learn how to craft the perfect Moscow Mule all within your 90-minute class. Vodka Tzars allows you to book a class at any of their fifteen locations using a BookingBug widget!

Vodka Tzars

Vodka Tzars’ widget implements several nice features. First, they have customised the colour scheme to match that of their site background. They first have you select your preferred location before taking you to this calendar view. Their widget allows the customer to simultaneously view the big-picture calendar, as well as more detailed information on each event. They also have an option to redeem a voucher that was previously purchased. Additionally, Vodka Tzars nicely integrates the widget into their webpage.

*Tip of the Week: *If your business has an active Facebook page, it may be a good idea to embed your BookingBug widget there. Customers can easily schedule appointments through your Facebook page, not only offering another entry point to the sales funnel but also encouraging social interaction and engagement! Here are the instructions.

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