We’ll be Joining NetFinance Interactive 2016 In California

We are extremely excited to join NetFinance Interactive in California,
NetFinance was created in 2005 in response to a tremendous growth in the digital finance space and a widening gap in the understanding of how financial institutions can fully take advantage of opportunities in the digital marketplace.

Join the BookingBug team at NetFinance 2016 on November 29th, November 30th and December 1st to:

LEARN how using BookingBug as part of your omnichannel strategies can elevate customer engagement, improve associate experiences and increase revenue.

JOIN live hands-on demonstrations of the BookingBug platform to discover how you can use your web and digital assets to increase in-branch footfall.

Focused on providing financial service leaders from across the world with as many connections as possible, NetFinance Interactive is the perfect opportunity to share and discover insights into the future of the sector.

Here are three exciting sessions that have caught our eye:

Looking at Organizational Structures: Are you Taking an Integrated or Siloed Approach? As the innovation function continues to develop, it needs to find a home within your larger structure. For some, that’s the innovation lab, for others, it’s a hybrid with CX or digital. Determining where innovation fits into your organization helps define it, and gives it a larger voice across your leadership team.

Tuesday 29th November | 9:55am

Case Study Revolution: Building an In-Store Experience that Integrates Digital to Maximise the Overall Customer Experience.
When your customers walk into your branch, they expect that you already know their basic account data, their usual activity and their preferences. After all, they set them on your mobile app ages ago. But more often than not, Financial Institutions force customers to repeat themselves, input data multiple times and re-identify themselves over and over again. So how do you recreate that same familiarity they feel on their mobile device, when they are face to face with a bank teller?

Tuesday 29th November | Stream 2 | 2:10pm

Using Content to Drive Deeper Connections with Your Customer Base.

Find out the following:

  • What do your customers expect from their visual experience on your site?
  • When and how should you invest in upgraded graphics and video content?
  • What kind of journey should your customers have? What story should you tell?

Wednesday 30th November | 11:30am

So if you’re heading to California for NetFinance Interactive 2016 and want to know more about how to offer joined-up customer experiences, be sure to stop by the BookingBug booth to join product demos and talk to our team of experts about our solutions.

Download the full report to find uncover opportunities and insights to ensure your digital transformation stays on track and find out how the top retail banks are already approaching and delivering high-value services.