Your Twitter Checklist

Yesterday, we got to attend the #TwitterAllAccess event at the Twitter UK HQ, right here in London.

We are still reeling about the event, especially as our blog was showcased for its great integration of our Twitter feed. So as well as being spotlighted, nibbling on tasters and networking with other start-ups, we learnt some great tips that are just far too good to keep to ourselves.

One of the (many) cupcakes we received on our arrival!

So we decided to compile a Twitter checklist and highlight some of the key points from the event that you can apply to your Twitter campaign – straight from the horse’s mouth.

  1. Tweets that have 100 characters or less, can boost your engagement by as little as 18%, as do tweets with just 3-4 words
  2. Attaching imagery can boost the engagement (but not if you overdo it – just every third tweet or so will do!)
  3. 57% of Twitter users found an SME for the first time through Twitter, and 37% of those found them through a hashtag
  4. When using cards or links in your tweet, stay clear of hashtags and usernames as it can put users off!
  5. Engaging with people and joining in conversations is a more natural, and therefore more appealing, way of raising awareness about your business and generating new leads
  6. Using more than one exclamation mark in a tweet can plummet the engagement rate! So be careful when sharing something exciting!!!!!!
  7. The key to crafting the perfect tweet is to ask yourself ‘will my followers engage with this?’ (sounds pretty obvious, but if you think like your customer, the more likely they are to relate to your business)
  8. Deciding which part of the Marketing Funnel you are addressing can help you shape your tweets to better reinforce their purpose
  9. If you notice that a particular tweet received a lot of engagement, consider paying to promote the tweet and see if it generates any new leads
  10. And finally, Twitter is a great way of showcasing your business’ unique personality, so don’t try too hard to create an amazing tweet. The first thing that comes into your head is usually the best and most natural thing to tweet.