Today we’re happy to announce that we integrate with CardSave. Cardsave is a member of the WorldPay Group, the UK’s largest card processor*. Our merchants now benefit from the best of both worlds. Read more. To take online payments with CardSave; log in to BookingBug, go to ‘Account’ – ‘Advanced’ – ‘Payment.’ If you currently ‘Don’t take online payments,’ click ‘Change,’ and select ‘CardSave (Business merchant account).’ You will have a list of card types which you can choose

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Realex Payments

Glenn Shoosmith

by: Glenn Shoosmith

We’ve added yet another online payment provider to our ever growing list. We’re happy to announce that customers can now choose Realex Payments Business Merchant Accounts for taking online payments. To choose Realex as your payment provider, login to BookingBug and click ‘Account‘. Go to ‘Advanced‘ and select ‘Payment‘. Click ‘Change‘ and select Realex from the list and save. You will need to enter your login and password, and choose which card types you would like to accept.

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