When it comes to marketing, focus tends to fall on enticing consumers in and turning them into a paying customer. Alongside this, is the other intention of making these customers buy from you again and again. But what about the grey area in between? The not-quite-post-sales part? We’re talking about the ‘confirmation of purchase’ phase. And it is the often regarded as the most neglected touchpoint of the purchasing process. This is most likely due to the fact it

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The Definitive BookingBug Glossary


by: Glenn

In order to help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your BookingBug account, we’ve compiled a glossary of some of the terms that arise frequently, to make using BookingBug even easier. (Terms are listed alphabetically) Account Freeze & Unfreeze – If you would like to temporarily close your account, but reopen it at a later time, you can activate the account freeze *feature. If you want to reopen the account, simply *unfreeze. This is convenient for seasonal

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