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Introducing Studio: Improving every CX touchpoint


The rise of the digital consumer has disrupted industries like retail and banking with profound and sudden impact. Personalised self-service is the new normal, as are growing consumer expectations for speed, choice and fluidity.

This transformation has left retailers and banks stuck in the digital-physical “failure zone”: when companies do not provide a frictionless customer experience, and consider their physical and digital experiences to be completely separate.

Businesses are struggling to bridge the gap between these digital and in-person consumer interactions, and it shows:

  • Only 6% of companies have confidence in their online-to-offline strategy.
  • Only 16% of consumers think companies adequately integrate online/offline experiences.

Studio is our new next-generation staff experience that gives users actionable customer analytics that help them deliver personalised service.

With a sleek and highly secure interface, Studio offers a fully integrated suite of modules that support the modern consumer.

The best part? Studio helps employees at all levels of an organisation.

The impact on customers

Today’s consumers find it difficult to engage with services (like personal shopping and retail banking) offered in-store/in the branch. Though consumers expect a seamless experience across online and offline channels, they rarely experience it.

Self-service mobile experiences are simple until customers have a question. Stores and bank branches are plagued with long lines, high waiting times, and an inability to access the right staff at the right time.

For customers, this means frustration and a lackluster customer experience.

For you? Expect abandoned purchases and high churn.

Studio creates the frictionless experiences customers desire. Customers can feel in control of their time, with clear visibility of upcoming appointments and events online, and the ability to join queues virtually. When needed, they can also contact a call center and connect with knowledgeable agents who have a full view of all customer interactions, upcoming bookings and availability.

Enterprises can now deliver the personalised high-quality experiences customers expect—a huge benefit considering our consumer research found 60% of consumers say they would consider visiting physical locations if they could schedule appointments with staff. Just think of the revenue potential!

The impact on staff

Staff must have customer insights at their fingertips before, during and after each interaction.

A lack of upfront customer information makes it difficult for staff to understand the customer’s previous interactions, purchases and preferences. This ultimately results in both inefficiencies and missed opportunities to provide a great customer experience.

Additionally, a lack of upfront customer information often means associates must handle a high level of manual administration work. Unfortunately, each minute that an associate spends doing admin work means a minute away from satisfying customers.

Studio makes it easy for staff to provide profitable customer experiences. With a full 360° customer profile at their fingertips, staff can see detailed customer analytics and previous transactions, and use them to deliver world-class customer experience.

A user-friendly admin experience empowers branch/store staff to efficiently manage all customer interactions -- whether that includes upcoming bookings, new booking availability, staff availability, or documenting outcomes for effective reporting.


The impact on leadership teams

Leadership teams and head offices have a massive opportunity to use data as a tool to reduce business costs, make better management decisions and improve customer experiences.

Currently, many leaders are complacent with the inefficiencies in their customer-facing interactions, which leads to costly physical assets that are both underutilised and over-resourced.

Studio delivers leadership teams the intelligent data they need to make high-impact decisions. At a glance, leadership teams can see:

  • Customer purchasing patterns
  • Wait times
  • Lead times
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Staff performance
  • Appointment/event outcomes
  • And much more!

This wealth of data helps identify areas to enhance in-store operations, increase staff performance and ultimately elevate the customer experience to surpass any competitor.


The opportunity

The opportunity for today’s retailers and financial services organisations is to move appointments and events to the forefront as the most valuable moments to catalyse the digital-physical journey.

They must engage digital customers wherever they are, orchestrating a unified journey across the digital-physical divide while mastering multiple dimensions of complexity required to do so.

Want to learn how Studio can help your organisation climb out of the digital-physical “failure zone”? Speak to an expert!