Why Spring/Summer businesses should start preparing for their return now

Now that Christmas will soon be coming to a close and the new year is within our sights, it’s time that the Spring and Summer businesses come out of hibernation and start preparing for their return.

So, as we slowly start to say ‘goodbye’ to the cold weather and holiday cheer, we can say ‘hello’ to the return of outdoor sports, tours, holiday stays and activity parks (just to name a few!).

We can hear what you’re thinking: It’s only December though. It isn’t even Christmas yet.

But we have good reason – here’s why you should start planning your seasonal business’ long-awaited return now.

Customers are already planning their Spring and Summer activities
The unrelenting, brisk weather that Winter can bring is intolerable for some. Most people get tired of the cold feet, dark mornings, early evenings and the constant threat of ice looming over their heads pretty quickly. It prevents them from doing their usual activities outside of the home, and it generally brings people’s moods down.

When things start to get a bit brighter, and the weather more forgiving, it’s these types of customers that start to picture the oncoming Spring and Summer. According to a report from Mintel:

“Adults who admitted that the winter of 2012/13 made them save money by going out less or doing fewer things, are also likely to feel encouraged to spend more time outdoors (79%), socialise more (52%), treat themselves to new clothes/look (33%) and are also likely to give more consideration to booking a sun break for next winter. As these adults spent money more cautiously, they were able to build up their savings, with the warmer weather providing the perfect opportunity to loosen the purse strings.”

*- ‘Seasonal Lifestyles – UK – July 2013′, Mintel

So the plans that people have been putting off due to the bad weather will slowly come into play once again. Customers will start to feel the need to treat themselves to these weather-dependant activities again – meaning it is the perfect time to re-start your marketing campaign.

It gives you a competitive edge
The ‘early bird catches the worm’ saying springs to mind. If you can start your marketing campaign before your competitors, it will undoubtedly put you ahead. You have the opportunity to market to customers that have had yet to be exposed to the Spring/Summer advertising, right when they are starting to think about the warm weather approaching. These customers will respond to the idea of being able to enjoy the warmer weather again, especially after having been so shut down during the Winter months.

It gives you extra time to plan ahead
You also have plenty of time to consider solutions to any problems that may occur during your campaign, reducing the amount of time you may spend trying to right wrongs later. You have time to make calculations, and chop and change dates if the need arises, because you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.

It’s a great excuse to create a buzz
As well as being able to plan more accordingly, marketing for your return early is also the perfect excuse to create a buzz about your business. Consider offering customers the ability to pre-order/book, put a countdown clock on your website, display how many tickets/spaces/products you have left. Let customers know what you’ve got in store for your grand return – anything that gives them something to look forward to.

BookingBug can be tailored to fit the needs of your seasonal business
As well as catering for businesses that take bookings all year round, did you know that BookingBug also offers special tools for seasonal businesses to tailor around their own unique schedule?

One feature we offer is the ability to set different prices for your ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ times of the day and year. We also provide the option to freeze your BookingBug account, for the periods of the year where your business is non-functioning.

In short, if you can start marketing the return of your Spring/Summer business early, it will only benefit your business. You’ll create awareness and promote your business to those that are already setting their sights on the warmer seasons ahead, and you’ll be able to plan more effectively (reducing the risk of a marketing disaster later!).

By giving customers something to look forward to, you’ll be sure to create a great buzz for your business’ long-anticipated return, enabling you to be one step ahead of other businesses within your industry.