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Silicon comes to Stratford: Developing London’s ‘Tech City’

David Cameron wants to boost London’s startups by building a “Tech City” on the Olympic site. Will it work?

His government pledged £200 million to build technology and innovation centres, one of them in the Olympic Park. More than a dozen tech giants — including IntelGoogleCisco and BT — would invest in the area, along with a clutch of universities. The zone would stretch from Shoreditch to Stratford, where the Olympic Park media centre would become an “accelerator space” offering cheap, flexible offices for startups and tech firms that would be, in Silva’s words, “fibred to the nines”.

Glenn Shoosmith, founder of, lives close to the Olympic Park. He has no doubts about its viability as an accelerator space, and says that people who claim Stratford is too far east have probably never been to Silicon Valley. “If you go to the Valley, you’ll see it stretches for miles. It takes an hour on the train to get from South of Market [San Francisco] to the bottom of Palo Alto.

“The reality is people go between the two all the time. You need both in London. You need the tech companies in the new Olympic Park, you need the hot new startups in Shoreditch, and you need to make it easy for people to commute between the two.”

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