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Share this! Let your customers use social media to spread the word

Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective methods of marketing – and best of all, it’s FREE! As such, we’ve made some updates to the BookingBug system to let your loyal customers spread the word about your business through sharing their bookings on Twitter and Facebook. The tool is simple to switch on and means with just one click your customers can put your brand in front of their entire online social network.

How your customers can share

Customers now have a new option when making a booking:

What your customers’ friends will see

Your business promoted for free on Facebook and Twitter!



How to enable social sharing in your BookingBug account in one easy step

Simply go to Account, Settings, and Notifications and turn on Facebook and Twitter sharing.

*Editing the content of your customers posts

You can also edit the message which customers share by going to Account, Advanced, and Configure the Notification Settings. From the drop down list, select either Facebook share booking or Twitter share booking.

By default, customers share the details of their booking and a link to your BookingBug public site, which you can change to your own website if you prefer. For example, I just booked a %booking% with %company%!

This is another customer-requested feature, so please keep those requests coming!