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5 Sessions You Can't Miss at MoneyLIVE

Come visit BookingBug at booth #20 at MoneyLIVE 2018!

With MoneyLIVE Summit fast approaching, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the event agenda and suss out the key sessions you won’t want to miss.

With over 400 attendees and 80+ speakers, this year promises to host the best of the European banking industry in London on 26-27 of November and provide an exclusive networking platform for all attendees. During the two day conference, attendees will get to meet incumbents, challengers, Big Tech and FinTech superstars, and hear from speakers from the likes of Barclays, Amazon Pay, Rakuten Europe Bank and more.

With so many amazing speaking sessions, which ones are a must see? Here are our top 5 speaking sessions you won’t want to miss at MoneyLIVE 18:

1: Gaining momentum in digital transformation: maximising the potential of artificial intelligence

DAY 1 Monday, November 26 12:10-12:45
Turquoise Stage: The rise of the intelligent machine


Debjani Roy, Global Head of Technology, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Citi
Carly Sutherland, Programme Director Artificial Intelligence & Automation, RBS
Angel Serrano, Head of Data Science , Santander
Shachar Bialick, Chief Executive Officer, Curve

  • In which areas of banking is the technology proving to be most effective?
  • Maturity of the technology: is AI ready for the banking industry to implement at scale?
  • How can AI and ML maximise the effectiveness of data analytics?
  • Readying data for AI strategies: what more needs to be done?
  • What challenges have banks encountered on the way?
  • In what ways does AI augment, rather than contradict, the capabilities of the human workforce?
  • Robot gone rogue: monitoring AI and putting preventative measures in place

2: The synergy of bricks and clicks

DAY 2 Tuesday, November 27 11:30-11:50
Turquoise Stage: Integrating the best of the physical and digital worlds

Paul Riseborough - Chief Commercial Officer, Metro Bank

  • The elusive omnichannel experience: what exactly does this mean and what do customers want from bank branches?
  • Turning the branch into a digital advisory hub: how can technology enable this evolution?
  • Handing over the power of new technology to front-line staff: how can they be better prepared to deal with more complex financial queries?

3: Innovate or die: winning with digital transformation, frictionless banking and customer experience

DAY 2 Tuesday, November 27 11:50-12:10
Turquoise Stage: Integrating the best of the physical and digital worlds

Glenn Shoosmith - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BookingBug

From tech start-ups to new competition and demand for elevated customer experiences, nervous banks and credit unions have become exceedingly vulnerable to digital disruption. However, even though customers are pivoting more and more to digital channels to conduct their business, branches are still in demand to help solve complex issues and find personalised advice.

In this session, Glenn Shoosmith will reveal how banks can navigate disruption through tackling the omnichannel challenge, reimagining branch functions, supercharging branch staff and more.

4: Maintaining the ‘human touch’: paving the way to digital-centric physical spaces

DAY 2 Tuesday, November 27 12:30-13:05
Turquoise Stage: Integrating the best of the physical and digital worlds


Paul Riseborough Chief Commercial Officer, Metro Bank
Alison Port Director of Strategy, Leeds Building Society

  • Changing needs: what are customers demanding from their branch and in-store experiences?
  • What lessons can be learnt from developments in the retail sector?
  • What does an immersive physical banking experience look like?
  • Which technologies have the capability of deepening the in-store customer experience?
  • The omnichannel challenge: designing a cohesive strategy around online, in-branch and mobile experiences How can banks’ balance operational costs with digital innovation?

5: Creating must-have banking products and services

DAY 2 Tuesday, November 27 12:35-13:05
Jet Stage: Designing and delivering high-value products


Giovanni Daprà - Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Moneyfarm
Kat Robinson -Retail Products Director, Metro Bank
Pella Frost -Head of Strategy and Customer Experience, Products, TSB Bank
Antony Elliott - Founder, The Fairbanking Foundation

  • What innovation can be found in product design today?
  • The new standard of mobile UX: how has open banking upended customer expectations and how is the industry responding?
  • To what extent will the future success of banks hinge on the ability to deliver meaningful and personalised value-added services?
  • Meaningful change: how can partnerships with FinTechs be maximised to ensure the successful design and delivery of new products?
  • What new products could land on the market over the next ten years?
  • New revenue streams: where will they come from and which will be most significant?

MoneyLIVE brings together the best and brightest of the European banking industry for an unrivaled forum of discussion and debate about the future of retail banking. If you have spare time between all of the introductions and networking, pop by booth #20 where you can meet some of the BookingBug team!

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