Retail Round-Up

Over the past few months, BookingBug has shared more and more insights and observations on recent shifts within the retail industry with a variety of thought-leaders and news publications within the field. We’ve compiled some of our ‘greatest hits’ for you here in one place, making it easy to browse through all your retail-related news. Below is a chronological listing, each with a short overview and link to the original article.

Our CEO, Glenn Shoosmith discussed how retailers must move beyond loyalty programs like discounts and points in order to add further value to their customer services in this Internet Retailing article on merging online and offline worlds.

We released our very own Retail Services Innovation Report to analyze the UK’s top 20 retailers and to discover who’s implementing in-store services and who’s falling behind in customer services.

Essential Retail met with two major golf retailers, American Golf and Golf Direct, to discuss in part how BookingBug has played into their path to meet the demands of omni-channel retailing.

Glenn Shoosmith shared how by concentrating adding value to the in-store customer experience, the high street will be able to win out over online-only retailers. Read here on the Retail Gazette.

We discussed with Retail-Week why the key to finding success in 2014 is re-establishing the value of face-to-face sales, giving customers a real reason why they should head into stores.

We hope you found these interesting reads – check back soon for more to come!