Minimising Your Admin Tasks

For a service-based SMB, the utmost importance will be the service itself. However, the other cogs of the operation must also be functioning smoothly and efficiently so that it doesn’t hinder the service’s quality. Administration tasks might seem tricky, but here are some handy tips to making your admin process simpler:


1. Set up automatic reminders

A common practice of service-based businesses is to remind your customers of their upcoming appointments. It’s an effective way of reducing no-shows, and to provide any additional information customers might need to be aware of before attending a booking, such as arriving ten minutes early to prep. However, the more bookings and services you have, the more cumbersome this becomes. Even with an organised calendar, you’ll be sending emails and SMS messages left and right! That’s without even worrying about making sure all the reminders go out with enough time before the appropriate booking. Hence, setting up automatic reminders to your customers can be a neat way to bypass this manual process. Email and SMS messages go out at certain predetermined time periods and ensures the information you need to get outreaches your customers on time. Both these channels are most likely to reach your customer right at their desk or in their pocket.

2. Go mobile

Bookings might come to your business at odd hours when you might not be at your work desk. Also, at times, opening and managing your appointments can be overwhelming when it has been a while since you have logged into your system. Having constant access to your schedule allows you to constantly be on top of your various appointments, and makes individual management tasks easier to tackle, rather than piling them up. If you have the app to open your booking system on your mobile or tablet, you can ensure that you can manage and overview your schedule wherever you are, whenever you want.

3. Divide the load

When you’re swamped with bookings, it can be a fantastic problem to have! However, micromanaging every single appointment on your system with each respective staff and resource can become quite overwhelming. Whilst it’s good to have an overall outlook on the entire system operation, get your staff to lend a hand when it comes to managing your bookings. With specific access, they can log into your booking system and help by micromanaging smaller teams of staff, or being in charge of a specific room and its availability, for example. You’ll still retain the ability to oversee the operations, but it’ll make working with all the different components of your booking system a little easier.

And remember, you can do ALL of these neat tricks with BookingBug! Take a look and see what you can do to simply your admin process, so that you can focus your efforts on other aspects of running the business.