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How to: Make the most of your widget and stand out from the crowd

The BookingBug support team receives many questions and comments about the best ways to create and embed a great looking booking widget onto a website. To help you on your way, our support team has put together a round-up of answers to some of the most frequent questions we get asked…

What exactly is a “widget”?

widget is “a stand-alone application that can be embedded onto a site by a user where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog, or profile on a social media site”.

So in the context of BookingBug, the widget is the public facing online booking calendar that you can add to your website (or blog, or Facebook page) to let your customers view your services and availability and make their booking or reservation online.

Where is the best place to embed the widget on my site?

That depends entirely on your business, your website and your customers. Some businesses prefer to have their booking widget right on their homepage, others have a dedicated “Online Booking” section or tab. It’s entirely up to you and what provides the best user experience for your specific customer base.

How do I embed the widget?

We’ve designed it to be very quick and easy to embed a BookingBug widget – you can either do it yourself or get your web designer to do it for you. It takes no more than a couple of minutes. Simply take the snippet of HTML code found in the Publish section of your BookingBug account, drop it into the chosen section of your website HTML and you’re done. It’s as easy as that. You can find a step-by-step video guide on that here.

Can I customise the widget to match my brand?

Yes – you can customise the colour, content, images and size of your widget to fit your exact business requirements. You can do this within the “Publish >Customize Widgets” section of your BookingBug account. You can find more information on the different option available to you here.

We would like to customise the CSS of the widget, is that possible?

Yes, it is – this is a great way for those experienced in web development to do even more with the standard BookingBug widget for advanced customisation. We’ve got a handy guide on how to switch that on here.

My new website isn’t ready yet – can I take online bookings through BookingBug without embedding a widget?

Yes you can. Most of our community choose to embed their widget onto the site because it looks great and provides a smooth, in-line user experience. However, there are a couple of other options available. You can add a simple “Book Now” button to your site, which will load a separate booking page for the customer. Alternatively if you don’t have a website at all, we can provide your business with your own dedicated booking website – there’s more information on that here and here.

And here a few widget examples for inspiration:

Pips cookery school



villa mata hari 2

If you’d like to browse more examples, we showcase the best-in-class widgets from BookingBug customers in our “Widget Wednesday” series. Take a look at those here.

If you have any other questions or comments, you can always contact our support team at support team at