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Print a list of attendees for your classes, courses and events

It’s sometimes handy to have a list of attendees printed and ready. Similar to a school trip, you need a list to make sure all those kids are there. Printing an attendees list for your classes, courses and events couldn’t be easier.

Go to your dashboard under Calendar and click details beside your upcoming activity.

Your session/event details will pop up in the left-hand column, simply click the print icon and you’re good to go.

Print a List of Bookings From Your Services and Resources

You can also print a list of bookings if you have services and resources. Simply pick a day in the mini calendar and you can print bookings from any day in that week. E.g. we’ve clicked on Thursday 9 June in the mini calendar. When we click the print icon in the upper right-hand corner, we have the option to select a day from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 to view bookings.

You are prompted to select a day in the calendar week. Pick your day and your bookings will popup in a new window ready to print.