Personalising your customer experience with BookingBug

Personalisation is a word we frequently hear when it comes to customer experience. But what does ‘personalisation’ really mean? And what does it have to do with small businesses?

We often perceive personalisation as something only bigger companies need to consider. Because of their high volume of customers, they use a variety of algorithms and data collecting resources to offer a seemingly personal experience.  But when it comes to smaller businesses, personalisation is already in the nature of the service, due to their smaller, well-kept circle of customers with whom they often interact with in person on a regular basis.

So how can BookingBug help you turn each of your bookings into a memorable, personalised experience for each of your customers?

Prepare for sessions with our Booking Questions feature

By asking questions during the booking process, you can find out all you need to know about the customer before they’ve even walked through the door. For example, will they be needing clothing? What size? Will there be food? Do they have any allergies? You can tailor every aspect of the customer’s session to their unique requirements and preferences.

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Allow your customers to add extras to their booking

Similar to Booking Questions, you can offer your customers the opportunity to purchase or rent any extras and adding it to their ‘shopping basket’. An example of this could be renting sports equipment, or perhaps even purchasing products used in treatments. This is a great way to allow your customers to not just customise their session, but also make the most of it.

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Allow customers to pick their staff member and space to hold their session

To give that final push of personalisation, you can offer your customers the ability to select who they want to take their session and where (if applicable). For example, if you’re a beauty business, your customers may prefer one of your staff member’s skillset over another. And in terms of spaces, if you were to offer tennis courts for hire, some of your customers may prefer to book an outdoor court as opposed to an indoor court.

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Customer experiences are not black and white, but rather a spectrum. Each customer’s interpretation of a service will differ from person to person. This means that there is no absolute way to offer your service, but by giving the customer the power and allowing them to tailor the service to their personal preferences, you have the potential to delight every one of your customers and give them a truly memorable experience.

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