Our Three Picks for BAI Beacon

We are extremely excited as we join BAI Beacon in Chicago. Attendees can expect an all-new immersive conference that provides new perspectives on powering smart decisions through innovation, thought leadership and engagement impacting the financial services industry.

Join the BookingBug team at BAI Beacon 2016 on Wednesday October 5th and Thursday October 6th to:

LEARN how using BookingBug as part of your omnichannel strategies can elevate customer engagement, improve associate experiences and increase revenue.

JOIN live hands-on demonstrations of the BookingBug platform to discover how you can use your web and digital assets to increase in-branch footfall.

Bringing together financial services leaders from across the world, BAI Beacon is the perfect opportunity to share and discover insights into the future of the sector.

Here are three exciting sessions that have caught our eye:

Intensifying Digital Engagement to Drive Revenue. Walk away with valuable insights into a concern affecting the bottom line and actionable tactics to leverage these insights. Wednesday Oct 5th | Stage 1 | 1:45 - 2:15pm

The Role of the Branch in a Fintech World. In this session, you’ll explore strategies for making the branches that will remain open more relevant and valuable to their financial services organizations and the customers they serve. The discussion will include how the branch model can be redesigned to preserve its primary role as a relationship anchor and cross-sell engine in the current environment. Thursday Oct 6th | Stage 2 | 9:40 - 10:35am

Delivering a Superior Customer Experience in Financial Services. Learn how banks use simple, empathetic programs that have paid off in increased customer loyalty, purchase activity and revenue. Thursday Oct 6th | Stage 2 | 11:50 - 12:20pm

If you’re heading to Chicago for BAI Beacon 2016 and want to know more about how to offer joined-up customer experiences, be sure to stop by the BookingBug booth to join product demos and talk to our team of experts about our solutions.

Finally, for the social amongst you, follow us on Twitter (@BookingBug) and Linkedin for news, articles and updates from the team. For more information on BookingBug visit us at https://www.bookingbug.co.uk/financial-services. See you there!