From Old to Omnichannel In One Step

Let’s check the calendar, shall we?

Nearly a year has passed since Seven months since NRF.

At both shows we saw and heard a lot about “omnichannel” and “multichannel,” “clienteling” and retail innovation.

Yet entire seasons have passed. And according to trade writers, many retailers are still slow to execute on these concepts.  Slow to put practices in place that deliver on the expectations of omnichannel customers and current-quarter shareholders alike.

This is understandable. Change is hard and the offerings for retailers, the options they have to transform their business, are staggering. And many of them, complex.

On the other hand, some options are incredibly simple: turnkey offerings that power intuitive steps towards true omnichannel retail.  Maximizing existing resources, leveraging existing staff skills yet able to elevate customer experience, loyalty, basket size and profitability.

BookingBug is one of those solutions, offering innovation-minded retailers a way to deliver new value and a differentiated, personal service: in-store appointments.

The proposition’s simple: invite firm calendared appointments for in-store services.  Allow customers to book those appointments directly from a website through an appointment booking journey that features pre-booking questions and data gathering.

If you’re wondering what the platform can do for you – here are some results that enterprise retail clients have seen using BookingBug:

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 18.25.48

How can appointments work for you? What kind of results can your business expect?

We hope to see you at eTail East, or other retail shows in the near future to start answering those questions. Or to start the conversation sooner, you can reach our retail team today at