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New Widgets

Previously, when a business wanted to have a break in the middle of their schedule, it had to be equal to their appointment duration (having one hour appointments meant you had to have a one hour break). We’ve made things much simpler, and now you can be more flexible with your breaks.

To have custom break times, you will need to edit the hours of your services and select the appropriate ‘time display’ for your break. After doing so, select the grey box (to mark unavailable times) and draw on your schedule when you would like to have a break.

Those who had widgets with horizontal availability (staff members names on the side in the widget), the new widget may have turned this off. To turn this back on go to Account – Settings – Widget Settings, and turn on Show horizontal availability for multiple time based businesses.

You’ll need to change the time display if you want a 15 minute break between your half hour appointments.

A widget with custom break times

Show horizontal availability for multiple time based businesses

  • Widget view with horizontal availability*

We’re really excited about this new feature, so please let us know what you think!