New: Real-time synchronization between BookingBug and Outlook

We’re pleased to announce BookingBug’s integration with Microsoft Outlook, enabling the automatic synchronization of BookingBug and Outlook calendars in real-time.

How does it work?

When bookings are made through BookingBug, either by a customer, an admin or a staff member, the booking and associated data is imported into the relevant Outlook calendar(s) within seconds.

Likewise, any appointments scheduled in a synced Outlook calendar (such as meetings, lunch breaks or personal appointments) will appear in the BookingBug calendar as non-bookable timeslots.

The integration also enables real-time updates to calendars when customers or the business amend or cancel existing bookings.

You can take a two-minute tour of the integration here:

Let’s talk
This feature is now available to all BookingBug enterprise customers. If you have any questions about how BookingBug could benefit your organization, or would like to find out more about our integration with Outlook, you can contact our specialist enterprise team at