Customer Spotlight: My Home Move

my home move

With over 50,000 annual transactions, My Home Move is the UK’s leading provider of mover conveyancing services and is constantly striving to improve the experience for its customers.

As part of these efforts, the team has recently adopted BookingBug as a simple way to co-ordinate customer calls, that ties directly into its existing customer systems.

Here, we talk to Head of Product at My Home Move, Russell Foley, to learn more about how the project came about and how it is helping the company grow.

Hi Russell, tell us a little about how you use customer experience to strengthen customer relationships.

Customer experience is pivotal to us as an organization, especially as we don’t interact directly face to face with our clients. Everything is done remotely and the majority of business comes through introductions from other sources such as estate agents or lenders -- essentially, we’re delivering the service on behalf of those partners.

This means it’s not just the direct impact we have on the client during the transaction, it’s also about making sure it reflects well on them.

There are two key ways we monitor this: a “Rate Our Service” feature, which is how most of our clients feedback, and at the end of a case, a customer satisfaction survey. Together, these signals tell us whether client experience is as good as we want it to be.

Part of improving our customer experience has been achieved by enhancing the handling of appointments with BookingBug.

How did improving the handling of appointments directly improve customer experience?

Well, historically, conveyancing happens on the high street. You book an appointment at a set time and visit the conveyancer. In this respect we wanted to offer our clients an appointment service which was familiar to them.

So we asked ourselves, “What is the client expectation here?” and set out to match that online.

As we’re remote, contacting clients at a convenient time for them, and not having to make numerous chasing calls on our side, solved a major obstacle.

How exactly did you go about implementing the system?

All our conveyancers have had an Outlook diary anyway. But we knew it wasn’t just as simple as saying, “How do we use these diaries and send a calendar invite?” We realized you need a structured way to add those appointments, and communicate around them in a standardized way.

We’re based across a number of sites, with different teams and 400+ individuals doing the job so we needed an appointment service that was going to be uniform, effective and clear.

It’s a piece of software that puts our clients in control. It’s up to them to book the time and date that’s best for them.

What were the specific technical requirements for the system to tie in with your business internally?

Being able to integrate with current software has been really important.

eWay is our online case management service for clients. Like an online portal it sits in front of the systems we use to manage the conveyancing journey allowing clients to manage their case 24/7.

Through eWay clients can upload documents, make secure online payments, be notified of any tasks which need completing and view the conveyancer’s action log to see what work has been carried out on their case.

When it came to clients actually speaking with us, we needed the experience to be equally seamless. It needed to feel like the same piece of software and be part of the same smooth client journey.

We were able to build an integration straight into eWay, which opened up BookingBug directly within the familiar interface.

How has customer experience changed since the implementation of the appointment system in your view?

Looking at our customer service metrics, people are already talking about how much they like the appointment service.

While the idea of the appointments themselves is not revolutionary, the consensus is that the approach we have taken matches their expectations. We can see this clearly in CSAT output and NPS scores, which have improved since we introduced this functionality.

Within the business, before we used to get inbound calls at random and had to move fast to deliver for them, whereas now we can prepare ahead of time and make sure we have everything to hand and structure the call in the most effective and efficient way.

This has improved the quality of those calls - and shortened the duration - while covering the same content and information. This means our clients receive the professional service they expect, while our conveyancers can manage their time more efficiently.

Where’s the market going next and what does this mean for you?

We’re constantly looking to innovate and improve the client journey and interactions. Looking at things like voice biometrics, and how we deliver that, may well involve the lessons we’ve learnt from other innovations, including the appointment system.

Appointments bring the client and conveyancer together in the most effective and efficient way. That allows us to introduce other advancements to the process.

What the system has allowed us to do is help us move with the times and be prepared for what’s coming tomorrow. eWay is such a key platform for us, and we’re aware of clients’ habits changing across smartphones, tablets and other platforms.

Because of the ease of integrating the BookingBug system into eWay, it’s extremely scalable, extremely futureproof and allows us to deliver and delight our clients in a way we plan to into the future.


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