Founder & CEO of BookingBug, Glenn leads the 140-strong team across the firm’s offices in London, Boston and Sydney.

Move Attendees Around Courses

BookingBug now allows you to move attendees between classes and events quickly and easily. Whether you need to move an individual booking or multiple bookings, BookingBug let’s you do just that. Here’s how:

1) In Edit/Add select the course or event you want to move the booking from and click ‘edit’.

2) Select ‘Edit Attendees’ from the left-hand side.

3) Check the boxes next to the attendee or attendees you would like to move.

4) Select ‘Move Attendees’ from the drop down box.

5) Select the course/event and the date that you would like to move them to from the pop-up window.

Your attendees have now been removed from the original course/event and placed onto the new one with all custom questions, and customer information retained in the updated booking. Your customer will automatically receive an email letting them know that their booking has been moved containing all the updated details.**

Please note – You can only move attendees between events or courses if both the event or course you are moving the booking from, and the one you are moving the booking to, belong to the same group. There is an option to select which group each belongs to (or set a new group) when editing the details of that course or event.