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3 Key Insights About The Modern Consumer


Over the past two years we have surveyed 4,000 customers to gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying trends driving the behaviors of modern shoppers and what this means for retailers.

We've delved into the data to discover how today's consumers are taking an omnichannel approach to shopping, the compelling differences and similarities between the US and UK markets, and why retailers need to be hosting events in 2018.

Here are some key insights for retailers to best leverage the omnichannel shopping marketplace:

Demand for omnichannel


When asked about which omnichannel methods consumers have used, we unsurprisingly saw growth in all three varieties listed. It should be noted that while 'showrooming' gets a lot of press, webrooming is the clear leader in terms of methods used. Further proof that retail isn't dead.

Exclusivity is key

We asked consumers about several different event types they'd like to attend including DIY and educational events. Exclusive early access to a new product led the bunch. Here's your chance to give the people what they want.


Draw shoppers in with in-store events

We asked our respondents: “In the last year, have you attended any of the following retail in-store events that you have been invited to?”. The results were astounding. 67% of consumers in the UK and 69% in the US (68% average) attended these events, demonstrating a high turnout when it comes to store events and strong interest from customers.


This report provides actionable takeaways that retailers can use to provide a more satisfying omnichannel shopping experience for their customers. They provide evidence that leveraging technology and an interactive store experience will ensure that shoppers enjoy the highest quality experience while retail staff maximize their productivity and revenue contribution to the business.

At a high-level view comparing the results of this year’s survey with last year, we see continued growth for online shopping yet surprising strength for in-store visits and purchasing. There is a blurring of the lines as much of the product researching and purchasing happen both online and in-store. Today customers are shopping across multiple channels before making their purchase decisions.

Want to continue learning about the latest consumer behavior trends? Download the full report.